Hamilton not giving up title yet

Lewis Hamilton vows to fight for F1 title

28 June 2011

24 hours ago we heard Lewis Hamilton say that he thought his 2011 F1 title was finished after taking the chequered flag and finishing 4th place at Sunday's European Grand Prix.

Well, it seems Hamilton has woken up in a more optimistic mood because he has now vowed to fight for the Formula 1 title and insists that he will remain entirely focussed on doing everything he can in order to win the world championship this year. He's taken to his twitter to say

To all our supporters, ignore what you read in the papers today. My team will never give up & I WILL NEVER GIVE UP!!! Bring on Silverstone, your support will make a world of difference to us. I'm going to the factory now to do all I can to win our team

Now the F1 bosses have put a ban on exhaust technology from the British Grand Pris onward, Hamilton was clearly worried about the impact the ban would have on his team and understandably so, I would love to see one of the McLaren drivers win on their home soil. Since the ban was announced, Jenson Button has been desperately urging the team to increase the rate of car development and aerodynamically they need to be focussing on an improvement for Silverstone. It's good to see the boy still has a bit of fight left in him, it's clear from his track agression that he is racing for the win and although he may not always get it right on the track, he is providing us with entertainment on a personal level too!