Hamilton Nearing McLaren Deal

McLaren boss is hopeful of signing Hamilton again soon

15 August 2012

The news on the ground is that the former World Champion will commit to the team by signing a new contract. The rumour was started by McLaren's managing director, Jonathon Neale, who publically said they were close to a new deal with Lewis. This is I think, quite surprising if you consider how openly critical Hamilton has been of the team throughout the season. He has often shared his frustration with claims McLaren weren't able to keep up with RedBull and Ferrari. His despair with them was most obvious after the Monaco Grand Prix in which he suffered an unnecessarily bad start. At the time Lewis said:

My start was one of the worst in a long time. I don't know what my team was up to there. I just don't understand why it happens when the two guys next to me and two behind get perfect ones.

I am also surprised at Neale's comment because Hamilton has often been linked with moves to Red Bull, Mercedes and Ferrari. But I suppose McLaren have nurtured Lewis throughout his entire career and who knows how much a move now would unsettle him. And, with RedBull's decision to keep Mark Webber and the likelihood Schumacher is staying with Mercedes, his options are slowly running out.

Neale told Sky Sports:

We are closer and of course we are in dialogue. For obvious reasons I can't speculate more at the moment. We are working very hard to find a common ground.

The McLaren boss added that a new contract was what both parties wanted and that they were working on the details. Well, I guess its a case of watch this space!