Hamilton in talks with Red Bull

Hamiltons chat with Red Bull fuels rumours of a possible move

14 June 2011

Although I believe this to be no more than speculation, it is being reported today that Hamilton met for a private chat with Christian Horner, the racing chief of Red Bull, which has now sparked rumours as to whether Hamilton is looking to move teams.

Hamilton currently has one year left on his McLaren contract and there has been no suggestion that the meeting was anymore than a preliminary chat and a spokesperson has been quick to deny that the talks were about a potential switch to Red Bull. It's no suprise the media is clinging to this story after his past few performances, the start to the season saw Hamilton as Vettel's main threat for the title, but since his victory in China we have yet to see the progress that we hope we would have achieved with his car. His crashes in Monaco and Canada have also led to criticism of his mindset and questioning if he is pushing himself too hard to beat Red Bull, he had afterall gone into Canada expected to be the favourite to win. It is no secret that Hamilton's new management team of Simon Fuller's XIX Entertainment are looking into future intentions for the driver once his contract is up with McLaren in 2012, but then it semms his only options would be either to remain at McLaren on switch to either Ferrari or Red Bull. But at the moment and the way things are with Red Bull becoming so largely focussed on Vettel, it seems unlikely that he would consider a move there.