Germany, a wake-up call for Red Bull

Horner admits Germany was the teams worst performance so far

26 July 2011

Looks like panic is beginning to set in for the Red Bull team after failing to keep up with their infamous winning streak and losing out to Ferrari and McLaren on the last couple of Grand Prix. Ever the optimist, Christian Horner has admitted that Germany was the team's worst performance of the year and an obvious reminder that they can't afford to 'back off'. Three out of four races we have failed to see a Red Bull driver at the top of the podium and Horner believed that it has served for a wake-up call for the team. Webber, however thinks it's all down to the car.

We need to improve the car, it's been brewing for the last two races, we need to address it soon. The last two races we've been done and we've not had much to punch back with.

Despite his theory, there wasn't too much either Webber or Vettel could do at the weekend to stop Hamilton and Alonso taking the top positions. With Hamilton's victory, it means we now have had four different winners in the last four races proving that we could be looking at a very competitive second half of the season.