German Formula 1 Grand Prix Preview in Hockenheim

Fernando Alonso proves quickest after Friday’s practice

23 July 2010

It has been a wet day in Hockenheim today and all the drivers have suffered for it.

In what has probably been the wettest practice session so far this championship many teams and drivers have tried approaching the practice with great caution. However, I feel this may have been slightly in vain as no-one was able to push their cars’ performance and ability due to the weather conditions. The excitement started in the first practice when championship leader Lewis Hamilton spun off the track and slammed into a tyre wall, damaging his car heavily. This took Lewis out of the practice session after only a few laps with teammate Jenson Button able to make more of the practice but only achieving 15th after the second session. The fantastic mechanics behind Team McLaren managed to get Lewis’ car back in running order for the second practice this afternoon and got Hamilton 12 minutes of running time with which he placed himself in seventh. The best performance of the day came from Fernando Alonso who took the track at a moderate pace and managed to keep his grip and set the fastest time of the day ahead of both Red Bulls, with 1:16:265 and all the top four following within 0.32 seconds of that. Some interesting conditions have made for a bit of a comic spectacle, seeing the cars slide, spin, swerve and dance around the track but it’s still not laughing matter. Hopefully the track will dry up for tomorrow’s practice and qualifying and we’ll get down to some real fast racing with intense action; all teams will be trying out new parts to get those vital places on the grid. If you can’t stand getting wet then head indoors where all our Karting tracks are. With a roof over your head and very little chance of spinning off the track Team-Sport can offer you the very best of indoor Karting.