Gamer to Professional Racing Driver

Lucas Ordonez goes from Gran Turismo to Le Mans

17 June 2011

Last year we told you about gamer Greger Huttu who was given the chance by Top Gear to put his iRacing simulation skills to the test and was given the full use of a real race car to see if his virtual driving could live up to his real life driving.

Well this time round the new story name is talking about is 26 year old Spaniard Lucas Ordonez, who back in 2009 was crowned the winner of a Gran Turismo competition which gave him a shot at racing a real car. Fast forward to present day and he has just made the podium at Le Mans, which is one of the most prestigious car races in the world. This is a true fairytale story for Ornonez who only a few years ago was a typical university student who spent his spare time playing Gran Turismo for fun and now in 2011 he is living out his dream behind the wheel of V-8 engines. This past week Lucas has made his place in history by placing second in the Le Mans 24 hours races which is predominantly aimed at testing the drivers mental and physical endurance. Ordonez sums up his experience nicely

Today all my dreams came true, three years ago I won an amazing prize but never in my wildest dreams did I think that it would take me all the way to the Le Mans podium. I have been on the biggest adventure your could imagine.

So come on all you future racing drivers, it just goes to show fairytales can come true, I could be writing life changing stories about you in years to come, so get down to TeamSport now and get practising!