Formula One Logos From Memory

Formula One Logos From Memory

15 November 2022

With 22 races in an F1 season, and each race lasting between 80-100 minutes you’d expect the typical F1 fan to be able to remember the team logos. 


With this in mind and as fans of racing, we here at TeamSport have set a task for 42 F1 Fans to try and draw the team logos from memory. Here are the results…

Mercedes has been involved in F1 since 1954 and the team are often referred to as the “Silver Arrows”. With one of the most simple logos it's unsurprising that F1 fans could easily recall the logo with most including the three pointed star which has been a part of the logo since 1916. Even more so, 10 people remembered the logo with 100% accuracy! 

Haas is a relatively new team only joining F1 in 2016 despite this, F1 fans had no problem remembering the logo with most getting top marks. Its simplicity may have been a factor, as the logo is a striking H inside a  red circle.  

Although they made their debut in the 2021 season, the simplicity of the Alpine logo meant that it was the third most recognisable for racing fans. Interestingly, a small number of fans included mountains in their drawings despite Alpine not including mountains in their logo. It could be concluded that fans were taking inspiration from the Alpine mountain range in Italy? 

Aston Martin first joined F1 in 1959 but left in 1960 after a disappointing season. They later rejoined the sport in 2021. Aston Martin’s logo has not changed much since 1932, with most guesses including the famous logo wings, however the green and white colour was often missed. 

Ferrari is the oldest and most successful formula one team. Competing in every world championship since 1950! Michael Schumacher is the team's most famous driver, leading the nicknamed “prancing horse’ team to victory in 72 Grand Prixs. 


Although they have been victorious in the past, and have not changed their logo much since Ferrari was formed, many people struggled drawing this logo accurately. As the logo has many different colours and factors such as the famous black horse fans struggled to remember this iconic logo.

Red Bull joined F1 in 2004 and has seen many successes. Their current logo has been in place since 1987 however, only one drawing attempt received top marks with some attempts even drawing yellow bulls!  

Since 1977 Williams logo has changed many times which confused some of the drawers as some long term fans of F1 drew their previous logo from 2011. 15 people draw the logo with 50% or above accuracy. Correctly remembering the light blue colour or the iconic W. 

Alfa Romeo has a 39% average accuracy, even more surprising only 34 people attempted to recollect the logo despite the brand selling 17,000 cars commercially in 2020. The logo is arguably the most complex featuring various detailed components including a crown-wearing snake eating a sword, a red cross, gold text, all encased in a navy circle. 

Despite McLaren being one of the most successful Formula 1 teams in history, the study reveals just a 37% average accuracy from those who were  asked to draw the logo from memory.


The logo has changed several times since 1963 - the first logo featured a silhouette of a Kiwi, progressing into the “speedy Kiwi”, an elongated bird shape, moving into a chequered flag to mimic the flag seen on the track, until settling on the current logo with text and a black “speed mark”. 

Previously Toro Rosso, AlphaTauri was formed in 2019. AlphaTauri had the least number of drawing attempts out of all the F1 teams with many not remembering anything about the logo at all. Those who did draw the logo had an average accuracy of 50% with most fans forgetting to include the bull in their drawings or didn’t get the colour correct.  

Which logos are the easiest to remember?

Mercedes takes the top spot as most memorable, with an average accuracy of 76%. As they are one of the leading car manufacturers in the world, and have fan favourite drivers such as Lewis Hamilton it’s no surprise! 

Fans were the least likely to be able to draw McLarens logo accurately, with an average accuracy of just 37%. With so many changes to this logo throughout the years it’s understandable.


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To uncover which logos were the most memorable, researchers at TeamSport challenged 42 F1 fans to draw each logo from memory. 

The drawings were then scored on accuracy being judged on styling, colour, positioning and detail. 

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