Formula 1 Team McLaren Dismiss Rumours of Whitmarsh Going

Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button and Martin Whitmarsh here to stay

20 July 2011

Over the past couple of months amidst rumours of parting ways McLaren would like to clear the air and lay down the truth with regard to the key members of its team, namely the drivers, Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton along with team principle Martin Whitmarsh. The trio have had a rather unfulfilling start to the 2011 Formula 1 season but that doesn’t mean the game is over just quite yet. We still have half of the Grand Prixs left to race and it will require the full attention of all three in order to best utilise the time left to make an impact on the drivers’ and constructors’ championships. Jonathan Neale has stated that there is no reason to believe we’ll be seeing a mix-up of people or anyone leaving and starting anew elsewhere. This press release quashes any doubts that fans may have had with respect to any moves that their favourite McLaren drivers may be joining a rival team. With that official announcement out of the way I think it’s fair to say that McLaren and the lads are working hard to claw back into the game and start giving Red Bull something to fear.