Formula 1 is back!

New season Is here

3 March 2010

It's not long now until the 2010 Formula 1 season kicks off - only 8 days until Friday practice (12th March) in Bahrain when Jenson and Lewis do their first timed laps in full race trim. I can't wait!

It is looking great for the McLaren boys coming off the back of testing with even the great man himself, Schuey tipping them to be the 'ones to beat'! Obviously there has been quite a few changes this year (again!) in the rules and with the teams. 4 new teams have signed up, but we lost one too (Toyota) - that is if they all make it to the starting line! A lot of people think this season is all about McLaren vs Ferrari again, with Redbull and Mercedes fighting for the second tier, however don't right off the smaller teams like Force India who have put a strong showing in testing and could be a bit of a dark horse! If you just cant wait for the season to start we are running Special Grand Prix events on Friday Nights at Crawley where the marshal's connect up ALL 3 LEVELS of the track for you to race on! If you have never been you dont know what you are missing! If you are around on Friday night then contact the team here or click the button below to reserve your track position!