Formula 1 Driver Line Up for 2011 Season

Should they stay or should they go?

7 December 2010

It’s that time of year again when the teams racing in next year’s Formula 1 season

decide who they want racing for them. As we know each team has only two driver positions open, so no change there. The change comes in who they select and offer places to, to drive for them. So far the majority of seats have been filled but some teams have yet to even make a decision on one driver.

What have we learned so far?

We know that there will be 12 teams racing next season, however, what we don’t know is who’ll be filling most of those teams seats. For the top constructors of last season all seats have been filled with the regulars, Red Bull pairing Sebastian Vettel with Mark Webber again, McLaren are sticking with Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, Ferrari are keeping Fernando Alonso and Felipe Masa. So no surprises there then, good strong line-ups using the favourites from each team, we all knew that most of the drivers were going to carry on racing and they all have plenty of life in them to expand within their teams. The first surprise comes when it boils down to finding a racing partner for Robert Kubica at Renault. His Russian Partner, Vitaly Petrov had a decent enough start to 2010 but couldn’t keep up with his Polish partner during the latter half of the season. Williams have gone and done a bit of a shocker and dropped Nico Hulkenberg for the GP2 Champion Pastor Maldonado. Hulkenberg gave Williams their only pole position of 2010 after a blisteringly spectacular performance during the Brazilian qualifier, had he kept that mind-set during the race it might have been a whole different story, nonetheless he has been dropped for the Venezuelan.

What about the rest of the teams?

Well as for the remaining teams I think it’s anyone’s guess; we’ve seen another GP2 driver come into Formula 1 in the shape of Sergio Perez Mendoza for the Sauber Ferrari team but as for HRT, Lotus, Virgin and Force India we’ve yet to see any indication of who they’ll be taking as drivers. The List is not definite and is most probably subject to change, so as soon as we found out who the final spot fillers are, I’ll let you know. If you fancy filling in a driver’s seat but don’t quite have the Formula 1 experience or a super-license to your name then you can always come to one of Team Sports great tracks and enjoy your own racing adventure, click here to book now.