Formula 1 British Grand Prix at Silverstone Preview

Who will take the win at Silverstone this weekend?

10 July 2010

It’s finally arrived, the weekend that we have all been waiting for

is just round the corner and the excitement is at boiling point. The weather is set to be good and every team looks prepared to show off their car’s modifications. It was all looking so good until yesterday’s practice, it looks like Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button of the McLaren team have had to remove the ‘Blown-Diffuser’ after it was creating several problems. I posted a blog entry a couple of days ago explaining what it is and does but just to re-cap it’s intended to increase downforce and therefore allow cornering at higher speeds. It is believed that this car modification will enable drivers to cut another half second off their lap times. This may prove to be a crucial race altering event. With both Red Bull and Ferrari still using their implementations of the ‘Blown-Diffuser’, without incident, they might just have the edge in this race. McLaren, however, seem confident that they will still be able to perform well. Sebastian Vettel set the quickest pace in final practice this morning closely followed by Mark Webber, making this a Red Bull one-two, but Fernando Alonso wasn’t far behind them and unfortunately Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button are down in seventh and 13th respectively. We’ll have to wait for the Qualifying results before we can make any kind of assumptions about whose going to come where in this race. It’s all starting to heat up and personally I can’t wait to see tomorrow’s race. Between now and then though, keep your Formula 1 fuelled adrenalin pumping with some hot action round the Team-Sport tracks, you’ll have a blast.