Formula 1 2010 Game from Codemasters PS3/Xbox 360/PC

A good racing game to get your teeth stuck into.

22 June 2010

Codemasters have become somewhat of an authority when it comes to F1 games

and they are showing no lapse in creating a spectacular new looking racing simulator.With the most realistic weather effects to date players can enjoy battling with the elements, driving in conditions possibly deemed too extreme for even live racing. The games studio has brought on board Anthony Davidson a seasoned veteran in the F1 world to help them envision the ‘twitchy’ way in which F1 cars handle. His experience combined with feedback from teams, drivers and tyre manufacturers as well as real world data makes the cars handle almost like the real thing, it’s scarily close. With the full 2010 circuit line-up at your disposal including the F1 Canadian GP, Singapore’s dramatic night race and the all-new Korean circuit, that hasn’t even been finished yet, you’ll have plenty of tracks to keep you entertained. Compete over various game modes including online multiplayer where you can show off your racing skills to all your friends. However if you prefer to see the humiliation in their eyes as you overtake them for real why not compete in the Team-Sport Kart Champs 2010 and show them who the expert is.