Formula 1 2010 End of Season Review

Another season comes to an end and what an end it was!

26 November 2010

Formula 1 for me has become that fantastic restaurant that you visit but only on occasion,

say once a fortnight and you always know you’re going to receive a delicious meal, enjoy the couple of hours you’re there and leave satisfied, thinking only of coming back again soon. So the question is, what does one do when faced with the gloomy realisation that you’re favourite eatery will be closed for refurbishment and you have to wait months before devouring another excellent meal? Ok, enough with the metaphor, but what I said still stands true; what should one do? Well let’s face it, sport has by no means any sort of a set script and so the results could vary so much, there could be seasons where nothing exciting happens or everything happens at once and it’s all over too quickly. This season however has delivered an 11 on the entertainment factor, countless controversial topics to discuss and more races than ever. So, where to begin with reviewing one of the finest televised motor sporting championships ever? Huge congratulations to Sebastian Vettel and the Red Bull team are in order I feel as they really pulled it out of the hat for those final few races. They’re had their fair share of set-backs this season but it wasn’t just for them as all teams suffered equally across the season.

McLaren were so close!

McLaren didn’t have the best start to the season and both drivers had troubles with high finishes. It wasn’t until after the 4th race did they really sink their teeth into it and start pulling out some pretty consistent points. Their implementation of the F-duct gave them a clear edge, up until the other teams had also mastered this engineering feat. This was enough though to give them a boost in points and become more competitive with the other teams cars. Towards the mid-season Lewis Hamilton was really starting to shine and I whole heartedly believed that he was going to sail into being another Drivers’ Championship Champion. Alas he had no such luck. Hamilton had some unfortunate collisions that left him out in the cold and unable to even pull in a few points to keep him aloft of the Championship. This also hurt McLaren as a team because Red Bull were catching them up in Constructors points with both of Red Bulls drivers finishing well and consistently, whereas McLaren were relying almost solely on Jenson Button to pull in their valued points. In the end it all boiled down to the final race, having 4 championship contenders to battle it out in the final Grand Prix.

My Verdict

Possibly one of the greatest Formula 1 seasons that I have ever followed, but calling it the greatest ever is a tough call. I’m pretty pumped now to see all the teams attack the next season from the very start and I wouldn’t be surprised if the energy carries over and it feels like a continuation of this season. If you can’t wait that long for some more Formula 1 why not come Karting instead. You’ll love our varied range of tracks and will not want to leave!