First Corner Drama in Belgium

Grosjean is banned from Italy GP for taking Hamilton and Alonso out on the first corner

3 September 2012

Thankfully none of the drivers involved in the smash were seriously hurt and if you ask me it was something of a miracle they weren't. It was one the biggest crashes F1 has seen for a long time and it was caused by Grosjean miscalculating the space between him and Lewis Hamilton. The Lotus driver appears to be genuinely shocked and sorry about the incident. He said:

I honestly thought I was ahead of him and there was enough room for both cars. I apologise and I'm glad that no one was hurt.

It wasn't just Grosjean's pride that was damaged it was his pocket too - he was fined EUR 50,000 by Belgium stewards who told him that his actions had 'potential to cause injury to others' and were an 'extremely serious breach of the regulations'. Despite Alonso walking away a bit bruised, battered and frustrated, he told the BBC there are no hard feelings:

I am not angry. No-one does this on purpose. They were fighting, two aggressive drivers on the start - Lewis and Romain - and this time it was us in the wrong place and the wrong moment


That's great sportsmanship for you! I too am really glad no serious injuries came from this collision and I guess Grosjean will just have to take a serious lesson from this...and all his other crashes!!