Final Formula 1 Testing Before First Grand Prix

Barcelona plays host for the Final Formula 1 Tests

9 March 2011

So we’re back in Barcelona for the final testing rounds before we kick off the 2011 Formula 1 Grand Prix in Australia.

It’s been a strange journey this past few months with all the global events, you often forget that there’s a chance they could impact the world of Formula 1. As for the testing is concerned, we’re looking once again to Red Bull and Ferrari who seem to be very comfortable with their pace at the moment and are quite pleased with the performance of their respective cars. Alonso and Massa have set some incredibly fast times each often matching if not beating their rivals Vettel and Webber over at Red Bull. One team that seems to be hanging around at the moment is McLaren, we’ve yet to see anything surmount from their ingenious engineers, and we’ve been left on the edge of our seats for a while expecting that stroke of magnificence but it has yet to emerge. As for today then, there’s no surprise that I’ll be saying Vettel stole the show once again followed by Sebastian Buemi and Vitaly Petrov with Lewis Hamilton of McLaren coming comfortably in 4th fastest. It’s slightly unfair to judge his performance of the day based on his times due to reliability issues keeping him from having as much track time as other drivers. I truly hope McLaren has something spectacular to pull out of the bag shortly and that they have been sitting idly by paying more attention to the other team's cars developing a strategy that’ll bring them some big wins this season. We’ve had updates on the state of the Bahrain Grand Prix too, it was said on Monday that Bernie Ecclestone would meet on Tuesday with the FIA in hopes of making a decision about the Bahrain Grand Prix, we’ve since learned that a decision will be made by HRH Prince Salman bin Hamad Al-Khalifa by the 1st of May. It’s a tough choice when it comes to this Bahrain Grand Prix, obviously, it could pave the way for a more interesting Championship and if need be a way in which to settle a close battle for the would-be champions. However, it is highly unlikely that the race will be running during the gaps in the current season since it would coincide with summer and very few teams would like to have a Grand Prix during the summer in a very hot country such as Bahrain. This then leaves them with very little choice with where to run it, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. The first Formula 1 Grand Prix is almost around the corner, so why not get in the Racing spirit by coming karting, so book now at one of our 11 fantastic centres and quench that racing thirst.