FIA propose plans to move barrier at Monaco Grand Prix

Potentially tragic accidents spur plans for Chicane Barrier relocation

1 June 2011

This past Monaco Grand Prix was not without its usual upsets and accidents but this past weekend saw some almost tragic accidents.

It’s true that the Formula 1 cars of today are much safer than those of past seasons but it’s not to say that it makes any of the drivers completely invulnerable. Sergio Perez managed to find the barrier, quite unpleasantly, and it also proved to attract the likes of Jenson Button and Karl Wendlinger. These incidents have drawn attention from the FIA who now wish to create a larger run-off area so as to avoid further accidents in the seasons ahead. This move is more about trying to avoid potential red flags which directly provides for a safer race. The only problem lies with a large crane that is positioned just behind the barrier and so for the barrier to be moved further back the crane must also be moved. This would allow the barrier to then be brought back to the tree line and allow a further run-off space to be opened up. The FIA considered removing the crane on Saturday before the race but it proved to be a bit of a logistical nightmare and too much work to be done within the allotted time.