Ferrari introduce Boost upgrade for Turkey

Ferrari improve new front wing for Turkish Grand Prix

5 May 2011

Ahead of Sunday's Grand Prix, Ferrari will introduce new modified front and rear wings alongside new brake ducks in order to address the

problems they have experienced  early on in the competition. With a disappointing start to the campaign, Ferrari have so far failed to gain a podium position this season and the team sit firmly behind Red Bull and McLaren. Ferrari have come under criticism for their innovations in previous years and chief designer Nikolas Tombazis believes that these new parts will help to overcome these problems, but not necessarily bring about a huge breakthrough.

The car has a lot to recover. We've had wind tunnel problems and other problems in our methodology. We are improving on both fronts, but there is still some way to go. I think we  will be closer, but don't think in Turkey we will be in the position we should be in.

It is also worth pointing out the effect this could have on the DRS system, perhaps the the amendments on the rear ring will have moved the innovations to a whole new level now. It's refreshing to see Ferrari being honest with themselves about the current state of their car, but I do have to ask myself whether these changes have come about at the demand of Alonso, who in recent weeks has been particularly pessimistic about the campaign, surely this mindset won't make a winning team?