F1 Team Radio Moments

Use of F1 Team Radio

17 August 2011

We all know that one of the best features of Formula 1 is their Team Radio and there is no doubt that it hasn't provided us with some of the most entertaining moments over the years, but recently and especially this season there has been something lacking from it. One of the main contributing factors is the amount of audio that is played, studies have shown that less than three minutes on average have been heard for each race this year. McLaren and Red Bull seem to be the only ones who have been dominating the airways so far, but part of this may be due to the fact that the main message broadcast is English language. The vast majority of the messages being heard are tactical related, which surprises me as who really wants their rival teams to hear their strategies? However, it hasn't all been strategic there have been some funny moments too, can anybody remember their favourites?