F1 Olympics Predictions

F1 stars in the Olympics

10 August 2012

With the lack of F1 action this fortnight and something else rather big going on, the Olympics I think its called, I came across this interesting analysis. Planet F1 have been guessing which sport some of the drivers would take part in if they were competing in London 2012, its brilliant! First up is Jenson Button - they're pretty sure he would be trying for Gold in the Triathlon. With his outstanding fitness and the fact he has already taken part in a few triathlons, it is quite likely this would be the case! It's football for Fernando Alonso as he is a regular player for F1 football teams and cycling for Felipe as interestingly he likes to get out on a bike to survey the grands prix tracks. I never knew that!! Great strategy! For Lewis Hamilton, they reckon it would be pole vaulting but only because he needs to show some similar action on the track! And finally, they predict Mark Webber would do well in the basketball as he is rather a tall chap!! For me it would have to be hockey, have you seen the aggression and the speed that rock hard ball goes?! I think I'd love it! But of course it just wouldn't compare to being behind the wheel of a kart. I can't believe it's nearly coming to a close, I've become addicted to watching it! But every cloud has a silver lining, it means we are getting closer to the F1 season starting up again! Oh and I would totally love to see Usain Bolt up against a TeamSport kart, the guys like lightning, it would be an awesome race! Enjoy the closing ceremony, I hope its as epic as the opening one!