F1 joy no longer there for Schumacher

Schumacher admits he is not enjoying racing

12 May 2011

Following Michael Schumacher's poor performance at Turkish Grand Prix, we have to ask ourselves whether the end could soon be nearing in his racing career

. Since coming out of retirement last year, his performances have arguably less than great and his return to the Formular 1 has been brought into question once again. Schumacher has won seven titles and 91 grand prix before he went into retirement during 2006, but the former champion has been anything less than great this season. Following his 12th place finish at the weekend, he revealed that his passion for F1 isn't as it used to be.

The big joy is not there right now except for some action, thats about it

With little improvement being shown, how much longer will he stick around for? His two former rivals have already predicted that he won't regain his former glories will most likely walk away come the end of the 2011 season, expressing that the new generation of young drivers are better than him. Could what we are witnessing from the Mercedes driver be  down to a lack of confidence, there is no longer a sense of achievement in beating Schumacher in a race, it has simply become the norm. With younger drivers such as Hamilton and Vettel around they are bound to have quicker reflexes and a better handle on the DRS. Either way, he is still hanging in there and scoring points so maybe he deserves a little bit more respect?