F1 delay V6 engine until 2014

New Green Engine rule changes delayed

23 June 2011

The last time we saw V6 engines in use was back in 1988 and its looking likely they will be making a come back in 2014.

FIA president Jean Todt had been pushing for the introduction of 1.6 litre V6 turbo power units and the four cylinder concept had divided opinion between the car manufacturers. But after intense discussions a proposal has been put together for the V6 engines to be introduced in 2014 featuring the green hybrid systems and as a compromise for six cylinder rather than four. I am also hearing that the changes to the rules, which were agreed yesterday in a meeting with the F1 Commission must also be approved in a fax vote of the World Council of governing body on Monday before it can be officially confirmed. Renault so far have been the only engine manufacturers to completely in favour after making it clear that they would consider quitting F1 unless the new rules were introduced. With these new regulations in place, I think F1 is hoping to widen its appeal to sponsors now they look to be promoting 'Green resources'. We will now expect to see a restriction in fuel consumption which limits the fuel flow and introduces a maximum capacity for races. This is probably going to cost alot of money, but at least they have reached a good compromise for all parties concerned.