Eco-Friendly Formula 1 Isn’t Bernies Cup of Tea

Bernie Ecclestone Isn’t Too Thrilled About Smaller F1 Engines

17 March 2011

The proposed changes to Formula 1 have left Bernie with a bit of a sour thought,

although you can hardly blame him. When you ask someone whether they like Formula 1 or not, their decision isn’t largely swayed by the scenic locations that the events are held in, it’s more or less down to one or all of a few major aspects of the sport. These include but not limited to the speed of the cars, the noise they make, the big brand names in the sport, the personalities involved with racing or the need to get involved with high end motorsport competition. I think Bernie is voicing his opinions for all the right reasons and personally I believe that something should be done to change the rules to use larger classic f1 engines or at least alter what they plan on using so that we retain so sense of what F1 Is all about. I’d really like to see turbos make their back onto the scene, which would make for some supremely interesting racing. On the other hand, part of the reason behind the smaller engines is so that big engine firms would develop more efficient and greener engines for use in commercial vehicles after most liely watching their success in the motor world.