Ecclestone defends Hamiltons driving

Bernie Ecclestone dismisses Hamilton critics

16 June 2011

Bernie Ecclestone recently jumped to Hamilton's defence after he came under some stick following the Canadian Grand Prix last weekend. He says people are wrong to attack Lewis and that whilst he has made one or two questionable moves it is unfair to single the McLaren driver out.

People have been wrong to rubbish Lewis, what we want is people racing, and all the people who watch it want that. If you analyse what's been happening and how other drivers have been performing, Lewis shows up very well. Perhaps Lewis has made one or two questionable moves, but so have many of the others, and nobody bothers to look what's happening further down the field. It's always been like this.

It's not surprisingly really considering he was given a drive-through penalty in Monaco for his collision with Massa, penalised later for contact with Pastor Maldonado and then the incidents in Canada with Webber and Button. Did Niki Lauda right when he harshly criticised Hamilton by warning the FIA that if nothing is done to curb his on-track aggression then it may 'result in someone getting killed'? I'm not sure whether a statement like that was entirely fair, Hamilton has been doing what every other driver does for most part, but maybe pushed too hard at times, I have yet to see where Hamilton has come close to anybody getting killed. I also think his frustration has began to dictate his driving rather than letting his talent show, there is always going to be risk involved with Formula 1 and if the FIA are not happy with the way the drivers handle their cars then surely it is upto them to introduce new rules.