De Villota finally leaves hospital

Maria De Villota has been released from hospital after losing her eye

1 August 2012

The Marussia driver was straight-line testing when she smashed into the back of one of the team's lorries. The accident cost the 32-year-old her right eye and she also suffered other severe facial injuries. Unbelievably, the Spaniard was making her test debut for Marussia and was behind the wheel of an F1 car for only the fourth time. The accident happened at the Duxford track in Cambridge, in early July. Just last week, it was reported that an internal investigation had ruled out the car being the cause for the crash. De Villota was transferred to Madrid's La Paz hospital after being treated at Cambridge's Addenbrookes Hospital. A statement from the hospital on Thursday said:

The patient is in good general condition, so she was discharged from hospital yesterday. In these six days (in La Paz), she has been treated by specialists of the plastic and neurological surgery services, and the ophthalmology department, who will continue to follow her, as she will need to undergo periodical checks and treatments.

I wish her all the best and hope she continues to make good progress.