Danny Okines

Danny Okines

26 October 2012

...Bruce's Mate

Hi my name is Danny Okines and I thought I'd write about my short life around go karting.

I've been karting now for approximately two years at Crawley Teamsport and I’m lucky enough to have constant support from Bruce. I visit around once a month and have enjoyed a few Unlimited nights and one Endurance race, which I think is an absolute buzz! Go-karting on the whole is an amazing enjoyment and such an adrenaline rush! This year I decided I wanted more and more of that rush so I went for the Red Bull Kart Fight competition and guess what! I'm through to the UK FINALS in in Buckmore Park! Did I honestly think I could do such an achievement? NO! But thanks to the support of all the team at Teamsport head office and TeamSport Crawley, oh and not forgetting my good mate Bruce, I've made it to the finals! I'm so proud of myself and my family are happy for me too. I now see myself having a big future with Teamsport go karting and don't think I'm ever gonna give it up. Wish me luck everyone I'm gonna need it, thanks for taking the time to read this people happy karting to all. Danny Okines

Great stuff Danny! I'll be rooting for you and all the other TeamSport guys and gals at RBKF this weekend. Good luck! Bruce