Could Pirelli bring back the Qualifying tyre for 2012?

Pirelli to re-introduce the qualifying tyre into Formula 1 2012

11 August 2011

Almost 20 years ago we saw the qualifying tyre disappear from the sport of Formula 1, at a time when Pirelli and Goodyear shared the supplying of tyres to the teams. Once Pirelli had left the sport the FIA had banned the use of qualifying tyres but now there’s speculation about its return. Pirelli have sent out the word to all the teams in Formula 1 asking for feedback on whether or not qualifying tyres would be welcomed back. I foresee a mixed reaction to this news from the teams, on the one hand you have those who base a solid strategy on keeping tyres in good condition for the start of the race. On the other you have the early pitters who take the most advantage in qualifying. The qualifying tyre will be a mix of the optimal stickiness and wear in order to deliver a couple of solid flying laps without worrying about the need to keep the tyre in good condition for the start of the race. At the moment it’s only an idea, but it offers something to put all racers regardless of strategy, on an even playing field from the outset. Let’s stay tuned and find out what will happen.