Circuit Organisers Oppose Engine Changes

The FIA's aim to change engines has divided opinion

29 June 2011

If you remember recently, I spoke about the changes the FIA were making in order to switch to the 1.6 litre engines

in order to make F1 more environmentally friendly. The idea being that the 1.6 litre four cylinder engines would replace the 2.4 litre V8 engines that are currently being used. However this plan as been met by opposition from circuit bosses who would rather maintain the loud noise produced by the current engines, adamant that the noise created by the 2.4 litre plays an important part to the F1 experience. Australian Grand Prix boss Ron Walker is one of the bosses against the change

We are not going to have our customer base destroyed. The sound is part of the brand, it must be 18,000 revs and it must sound the same. All hell would break loose if the FIA and teams press ahead with the plans as many circuits would then consider switching to IndyCar.

I can see what the FIA are trying to achieve here, Formula 1 is not known for being a green sport on any level really, so trying to reduce the Carbon Footprint is all very well. Im just not sure the engines are necessarily the biggest contributing factor, but I suppose it's a good place to start. As long as the racing is still good then thats all that matters to me!