Bruce’s 5 karting tips for KartChamps success!

Bruce’s 5 karting tips for KartChamps success!

2 May 2014

Karting is more than just pure pedal to the metal speed, it is a fine mixture of calculated performance over the duration of your lap, race or championship. Keeping your right boot buried through the floor over a lap might feel fast, but you will only watch your lap times slide away from you, as you slide around the corners. Here are some hints and tips to put you in Pole Position for kart champs; 1. Keep the rev's up! Paying attention to the engine noise will help you determine whether you are racing with the smoothness you need to gain momentum. Avoid sliding the kart around the corners and keep that engine revving!

2. Slow in, FAST out Increasing the exit speed appears in many tips for improving your karting. Slow the kart down before the corner and accelerate on the way out, be careful not to over do it and cost yourself time by sliding around the bend.

3. Practice becoming a smoother driver Speed happens naturally as you become a smoother driver. When you become smoother, you will increase your exit speed from a turn and therefore increasing speed into the next one. This is when you must think tactically and slow down into the turn to make another fast escape.

4. Find your line Even the pros use a few laps to figure out the track to ensure that they can find the right racing line. Spend time finding the right angle so that you feel more comfortable as you are getting into the race.

5. Relax… and don't panic Relax your elbows and hands on the wheel and let your body do the talking. When you relax your body can feel the kart and adapt to each bend and corner automatically. Stay calm and enjoy your driving, the speed will come to you!