Blown Diffuser row finally resolved

FIA confirms off-throttle diffusers will go ahead all season

15 July 2011

Well well well, it seems the FIA has managed to put an end to yet another F1 debacle.

After a controversial weekend at Silverstone where a disagreement over off-throttle use of blown diffusers have dominated recent discussions, the FIA has now decided that if all teams are in agreement, then they will ditch their attempts to ban the use. Teams will now be able to continue with the use of the technology for the rest of the season before it is effectively banned next year before the start of the new season. It also means the teams won't be allowed to change their engine and map settings between the process of qualifying and racing. The FIA has scrapped its attempts to ban the technology because they felt it was the most sensible solution to a very complicated matter which would be fair to all engine manufacturers was becoming increasingly unlikely. Great to see an end to another F1 row...until next time folks!