Biggest hen and stag party horror stories

Biggest hen and stag party horror stories revealed in TeamSport survey

20 June 2016

With thousands of stag and hen parties taking place every year, it's inevitable that some of them may be disastrous. Whether it's brides falling into fountains or best men having a bust up with the groom, we've all probably heard of a pre-wedding night-out going wayward.

With this in mind, the guys here at TeamSport partnered up with the Leadership Factor to poll over 2,000 British adults who had been on a stag or hen party, to see the calamities that have unfolded. Needless to say, we're not a nation of saints when it comes to getting aboard the fun bus to celebration central.

According to our results, it appears that extreme, stereotypical happenings are surprisingly popular – putting The Hangover more into the realms of documentary than blockbuster comedy.

Indelibly marking the occasion…

According to our findings, one in 20 brides and grooms-to-be have woken up with more than a heavy headache on the morning after the night before: celebrating their upcoming nuptials with a tattoo. Let's hope that none were on the face.

…or not even being there to remember it.

Key event attendees – from the father of the bride, or the groom – have ended up getting lost (7% of the time).

Trouble brewing in the group… or with the rozzers.

Bridesmaids or groomsmen have fallen out at one in ten (10%) parties, and one in 20 gatherings (5%) have ended up with a member of the group being arrested. Yes, really: you're just as likely to get arrested as you are getting a tattoo.

TeamSport also learned of some pretty funny stories, too…

The "tattoo" that tore more than people apart: A bride-to-be got a fake tattoo on her derriere while drunk. The next day she got up and her mum saw the tattoo and got so angry that she ripped the bride's wedding dress. She was forced to buy a dress ASAP when she found out that the tattoo was fake.

'Ello 'ello 'ello, what's all this then? Not what you think: A bride thought that a police officer was a stripper and tried to take his uniform off.

It's never too late to be honest with your friends: The drunken groom-to-be admitted to his stag party that he actually preferred members of the same sex.

Fireman posted to new, short-term location: A part-time fireman was left handcuffed to a lamppost, just wearing his boxer shorts, for over an hour before the best man took pity on him.

A last-ditch attempt goes south: On someone's hen party, their ex turned up and proposed to them. As the bride-to-be said “in your dreams” and laughed it off, one of her party was promptly sick all over his shoes.

Who is that sleeping in my bed?: The hen saw a vision of her chosen future - waking up with her Husband-to-be's dad!