Belgium Grand Prix Preview at Spa-Francorchamps

The summer break is over and F1 returns with a storm

28 August 2010

When I say F1 returns with a storm, I mean it quite literally.

The Grand Prix practice sessions were preceded by torrential rain, thunder and lightning. Combined with ferociously fast machines and hordes of people, you’ll have the majority of the ingredients for a Michael Bay movie. Alas I don’t think this weekend’s moving mass of metal mayhem will be creeping up on any box office records but it’ll sure provide one spectacular event and I’m very jealous of those that are going. Friday morning’s practice session gave the drivers who preferred the wet to show off their skills and hopefully set some decent times. The track had dried up by the afternoon’s practice and it showed in the lap times as the difference was over 10 seconds. There didn’t seem to be any news of whether McLaren are going to be using any new parts or if they have managed to get any progress with their implementation of the exhaust-blown-diffuser. Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso set the pace yesterday with lap times topping both sessions. It seems that Ferrari are looking very strong with Massa also slipping in 5th, although at almost half a second behind his teammate, does his car not have something that Alonso’s does? Moving onto the Qualifying sessions today and it was a pretty different story. McLaren proved very strong in the first practice during the wet but couldn’t set the fastest lap. However in the second practice the track dried up and soft tyres we’re being tried all round with Hamilton taking the fastest lap of the session. In Q3 Ferrari ran into a few unlucky laps with Alonso mucking up on a couple of his laps leaving him further back on the grid and Massa not really impressing much. The grid stands as Webber for Red Bull in pole and Hamilton second followed closely by Kubica and Vettel on the second row. Including Sunday’s race there are only 7 Grands Prix left in this 2010 season. This gives all racers ample opportunities to make their mark on the drivers’ championship. So I can’t imagine we’ll be seeing any rash tactics to edge in some points in case it threatens scrutiny from their rivals. All in all I’m pretty revved up and raring to get my eyes stuck into a visual feast of Formula 1 tomorrow, who’ll join me? I have a pretty big sofa! All subscribers look out for the Team-Sport offer going on this week; it’s the last week to get your times in for Kart-Champs also so don't miss out on that.