Barrichello is Confident of Williams Progress

The Williams driver is certain that things have gone well over the winter

14 March 2011

You know that you’ve achieved a certain degree of self-assurance when you’re aiming for a top-10 start

and a points finish in the opening Grand Prix of the 2011 Formula 1 season. Rubens Barrichello is just that man, with the confidence that Williams have taken a step forward to being one of the teams to shine at the beginning of this season. He states that he is also a very optimistic man so should we take this bold certainty with a pinch of salt and sit and hope he the team delivers on his expectations? The new FW33 is amongst the most unorthodox cars with the smallest gearbox and a highly interesting rear-end design, to which Rubens said the car felt like a completely different animal when he was behind the wheel. He also tells us that it’s a faster car that last year’s, so there is a bit of competition heating up in the middle pack teams. This is a promising sign that not all eyes will just be up front looking at how well the Ferrari/Red Bull/McLaren battle is doing