Bahrain officials ready to host F1 Grand Prix

organisers of bahrain gp say they are ready to host race

1 June 2011

As we all know the final decision is set to be made this Friday, but in the meantime speculation continues and it has been reported that the Bahrain organisers have asked Formula 1's governing body not to cancel the race

, but reschedule it instead. With the situation seeming much calmer now, Bahrain International Circuit chairman Zayed Rashid Al Zayani has made it very clear that he thinks the country is ready to host the race and add Bahrain to the 2011 calendar. Ecclestone, always happy to throw in his two cents has openly said he would try to put the race on if the Bahrain government supported it, with a view to move the Indian GP to 11th December in order to accommodate the return of the race. However, not everybody seems totally happy with this decision. Mercedes team boss Ross Brawn has said that a season finale in December is "totally unacceptable" because the teams have been working since January and asking them to work into December aswell would mean no time for a holiday before christmas and then getting straight back into it again next January. Regardless, the final decsion is down to the World Motor Sports Council when the committee meets in Barcelona and with a strong backing from most of the F1 teams, we can probably expect to see the race get a date. Let's just wait to see how this all unfolds.