Bahrain organisers hit out against F1 Teams

Zayed Alzayani criticises Formula 1 Teams

13 July 2011

We didn't really think all this chopping and changing would go away without an ounce of controversy, afterall it has been one of the biggest talked about stories of this years season.

The Bahrain Grand Prix was supposed to be the season opener but got postponed due to the unrest their country was experiencing, it was then later reinstated only be to be cancelled again after some of the F1 teams were reluctant to travel to and take part in the event. So really it's not that shocking that Bahrain Grand Prix chairman, Zayed Alzayani has slammed the F1 teams for their attitude towards the Bahrain race claiming that if the reason they stayed away from the race was due to the human rights issues then they would have to scrap most of the calendar. He also suggests that the teams have been very temperamental going from singing Bahrain's praises to completely contradicting themselves. Not wanting to hold back he has also been quite critical towards the FIA president Max Mosley and his lack of morality towards the situation and believes his actions may have been due to a grudge he has against Bahrain because he was officially asked by the Crown Prince not to attend the Grand Prix. But despite of all this and if I am to understand correctly, Bahrain is still scheduled to return to the Formula 1 calendar, having been given the opening spot again. It just wasn't to be this year.