Bahrain decision could be reversed

Ecclestone calling for a Grand Prix rethink

1 January 2018

Yet again we are still going round in circles with more Bahrain drama, seemingly the situation has taken yet ANOTHER U-turn and it is now being reported that Bernie Ecclestone has engaged in important

discussions regarding reassessing the rescheduled race despite the fact that the decision to reinstate it was only just made last Friday. With the backlash that has come about caused by the reinstatement of the Bahrain Grand Prix, it is no surprise that Ecclestone has called for a rethink following the complaints from human rights group, team members and politicians. Still, FIA president Jean Todt is insisting that the situation has stabilised in recent weeks and the decision to put Bahrain back on the calendar had received backing from all the parties involved. Quick to dismiss claims that the decision was made surrounding financial reasons Ecclestone has insisted that the money isn’t the issue, it is purely about whether or not it is safe and good to race and challenged with a possible rebellion on his hands by those teams who aren’t keen on travelling to Bahrain, Ecclestone has suggested another vote could be actioned. However believe what you will, I just hope this saga ends soon we all know the main concern lies within the state of the country. If it is clear that the safety of the teams and fans could be compromised then there shouldn’t be any doubt when it comes to cancelling this race.