Bad Day For Many in Japan

Grosjean in disgrace

10 October 2012

Whilst it was an interesting race to watch

it was a bad day for many drivers and early on too! Grosjean collided with Mark Webber on the second corner which sent the Red Bull driver to the back of the field; Webber later branded Grosjean a 'first corner nutcase'. He said:

It's frustrating. Maybe he needs another holiday

RedBull Principal, Christian Horner agreed with Webber and said:

The most worrying thing is he doesn't seem to be learning from his mistakes

Things didn't get any better for 26-year-old Grosjean who was given a 10-second stop-go penalty before retiring with two laps to go. Webber ended in ninth position. It was the first corner which proved disastrous for Fernando Alonso. He retired there, after his left-rear tyre was punctured by Kimi Raikkonen's Lotus. The Japanese Grand Prix did however prove successful for Sebastian Vettel and Felipe Massa who came first and second respectively. Massa put some of his success down to his ability to miss the early chaos:

I was clever on the first corner to manage to avoid the accident and the pace was really good

Nice one Vettel and Massa but Grosjean what is going on! I think you need to get your act together before your behaviour leads to some to serious consequences.