Australian wins at Silverstone

Alonso eventually lost the British GP to Webber

9 July 2012

What a gripping race that was, I was sure Alonso had it in the bag! There were four laps left and Alonso who had started on pole position was still leading, but a decision to change Webber's tyres to hards, at the final pit stop, changed everything. Ferrari stuck with softs for Alonso - a fundamental error? I think so! Webber passed Alonso going through Brooklands whilst his team-mate Sebastian Vettel stole third from Ferrari's Felipe Massa, shortly after. Webber said:

I've had a few wins but this one is taking a little bit to sink in. I had a single opportunity to pounce and I wasn't going to let that slip. It's a special victory and I'm very proud.

There was something about emotional sportsmen yesterday, Webber, then Andy Murray breaking down uncontrollably on centre court! McLaren's day proved about as good as the Scottish tennis player's. Silverstone was evidently a challenge for the team and it saw Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button come in eighth and tenth respectively. But, credit to Alonso as he took his defeat much better than Murray, despite the fact victory was snatched from him in the eleventh hour. He said:

Mark was much quicker in the last laps and he deserves the victory. But I am very proud of the progress Ferrari have made in the last few weeks and we are now fighting for victories in the last few races

Exceptionally well done Mr Webber and good for you Alonso, for displaying such great sportsmanship!