Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix Practice Starts Tomorrow

We’ve waited a long time for this moment and now it’s here

24 March 2011

The Australian Grand Prix kicks off tomorrow with the first of its three practices as per usual,

we’ve already seen what the majority of the teams can do with their cars over this winter break but what will they have in store for us tomorrow? Red Bull driver Mark Webber has concerns over the use of the rear wing in the Qualifying, which won’t be until Saturday but his point is surely worth a discussion now. With so many improvements and new technologies/introductions to the car and the rules it’s been tough to follow exactly what is going on with every team. If we look at just one of the main new introductions this season we have the DRS or as it’s more technically known, the Drag Reduction System, which in essence lowers the rear spoiler to a shallower angle effectively reducing the down-force on the car and allowing it to reach higher speeds and accelerate more quickly. The DRS is a system which will help drivers overtake during the race and was designed for this very purpose. However, where does its use lie in Qualifying? Should drivers be allowed to use it? It’s an extra  thing to worry about using to improve that qualifying time so we’ll have to wait and find out but it’s definitely something to think about.