Another win for Vettel in Valencia

Vettel breezes through another grand prix

27 June 2011

Business as usual for Vettel as he collected his sixth win of the season in Valencia at the weekend and continued his domination of the 2011 F1 season.

For a change we saw all 24 cars that started the race manage to finish which makes it the fourth time that a F1 race has been completed without a retirement. In all honesty this wasn't the most exciting race I have ever seen, then again after China and Canada I feel we have had our fill of excitement. It just became another Vettel dominating race with him maintaining the lead ahead of the rest, although Ferrari seemed back on form with the drivers dodging between Hamilton and Webber with Alonso finishing 2nd and Massa taking 5th. McLaren had a quiet weekend as we failed to see Jenson Button shine like he did in Canada, Nico Rosberg passed him at the beginning of the race and couldn't catchup with the rest of the leaders, a KERS fault caused him to finish 6th place. Hamilton lost all hope of finishing in the top 3 with his slow getaway and losing position to the Ferrari's meant he ended up in 4th position. We saw Vettel glide to victory 10.8 seconds ahead of Alonso with Webber finishing 16 seconds behind in 3rd place. It was a shame McLaren weren't able to finish top, but I think its obvious to see that both Championships will belong to Vettel and no matter who wins next race, his lead will only increase.

  • 1. Vettel
  • 2. Alonso
  • 3. Webber
  • 4. Hamilton
  • 5. Massa
  • 6. Button
  • 7. Rosberg
  • 8. Alguersuari
  • 9. Sutil
  • 10. Heidfield