American Grand Prix has Been Officially Named

The Texan track has picked up its own name

21 April 2011

It will be called the ‘Circuit of the Americas’ and it will host up to 120,000 spectators and fans

and will also host a round in the 2013 MotoGP championship. One of the businessmen behind the tracks, Red McCombs, said most of the reasoning behind the tracks name was how it is also represented geographically, being in mostly a midpoint of the US from east coast to west coast as well as north to south. The name of a Formula 1 Grand Prix track is incredibly important and it just goes to show that the right name can make the right impression. Tracks such as Monaco and Silverstone have taken their names from the area that they are located, they’re short, sweet and straight to the point, no fluffing the text to make it sound bold and mighty. Over time and through persistent use the tracks have become quite iconic and you need to really understand what the track is about is to hear the word Monaco or Silverstone. With the ‘Circuit of the Americas’ I feel that many are going to adopt a more short–hand name,, which will be fine but also I hope it’s something that sticks well. The American Grand Prix is becoming closer and closer to reality each week, even though building hasn’t even started the foundations are being laid for what should be one epic track in Formula 1. So we’ve learnt of the names of the America Grand Prix and the Indian Grand Prix, how long before the Russians release what they’ve called their Grand Prix? I’m very excited to see how these tracks develop over the coming year and will look forward to watching them race around live on the new tracks, hopefully they’ve hit on something special.