Alonso extends contract with Ferrari

Alonso signs a new contract with ferrari until 2016

1 January 2016

Alonso will remain at Ferrari after reaching a new agreement with the Italian team, this means he will now stay with team until the end of 2016 after signing an extension on his contract

. The Spanish driver joined Ferrari just over a year ago and had originally signed a deal to stay with the team until 2012, so this clearly shows the faith that Ferrari have in him if they think he is worthy enough to entend his contract for an extra 3 years. Alonso has admitted that he would like to end his career at Farrari and ahead of of his home Grand Prix in Spain this weekend he said

I am very happy to have reached this agreement, I immediately felt comfortable within Ferrari and now it feels to me like a second family. It is therefore natural for me to decide to extend my relationship in the long term like this, with a team at which I will no doubt end my Formula 1 career one day.

If I am to be completely honest with myself, this is probably the only real option for Alonso. He wouldn't go back to McLaren and definitely wouldn't want to join alongside the Vettel dominated Red Bull squad, therefore realistically making Ferrari a smart choice for Alonso and Alonso the best choice for Ferrari.