Adrian Newey says Red Bull will be Hit Hard by Diffuser Ban

Will recent Formula 1 regulations work against Red Bull?

6 July 2011

It has been public knowledge for a while but as we draw closer to the British Grand Prix, the effects of the ban on the off-throttle blow-diffuser are making ripples within the teams camps, more specifically Red Bulls’. Adrian Newey has voiced his concerns about how important such a technique is to Red Bull. He has paralleled the ban with that of the active suspension ban way back in 1993. He suspects that a similar scenario has occurred and certain teams are having troubles with making any use of the off-throttle blown-diffuser and consequently aren’t gaining the benefit that Red Bull does. Newey has said that the Red Bull cars were almost solely designed around the use of the blown-diffuser and it’s as big a part of the car as anything. If this means that Red Bull are going to suffer heavily from this ban then it’ll surely liven up the rest of the Formula 1 Championship and perhaps we’ll see other teams start to take some vital points off this dominating force. McLaren and Ferrari haven’t mentioned anything negative about this ban so it goes to assume that perhaps they won’t miss it that much. Really looking forward to the British Grand Prix now, it’s going to be one highly enjoyable race I feel!