Abu Dhabi to make Changes to Formula 1 Track

Abu Dhabi race organisers to reshape their Formula 1 track

1 November 2009

In what seems to be a rather unorthodox move, the organisers of the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix are making efforts to improve the event

at their track after criticism that the track is too much of a bore, which doesn’t permit opportunities to allow for overtaking. This comes after the season finale from 2010 where the front runners of the pack and the championship contenders were figuratively glued into their positions and made for what spectators and drivers alike complained of it being a boring race. The chicane from the exit of turn 9 will be re-profiled into a banked corner as well as making turn 13 and 14 one continuous corner. Added to that are a number of other changes, large and small but nonetheless all aimed at improving the quality of the track and enhancing the viewing and racing experience. The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is scheduled on the calendar for the 15th of November. I hope these works are completed swiftly and without interruption or hindrance or the Grand Prix would be a rather hair-raising one with sections of track missing or even extra bits here and there, it would certainly fulfil their goal of making a more interesting race though.