A petition to protect Free-to-Air F1 Broadcasting in Britain

Could the Government intervene in this issue of free-to-air F1?

5 August 2011

In light of the recent happening in the Formula 1 world it seems like the public have taken it upon themselves to start an online petition to make the Government intervene the free-to-air Concorde agreement, which seems to have been circumvented, leaving only paying subscribers access to all the races on Sky TV. If you’re a little behind the times then here’s a quick re-cap, the BBC partnership with F1 that is currently running out will end in 2012. This contract was not renewed (possibly because of the ludicrously expensive license) but instead a new contract was made with Sky TV and as I’m sure you’re all aware, Sky TV is not free and the sports channels are a separate package on top of that. Essentially, for the average humble fan of F1 they would be required to shell out over £300 across the year in order to watch all their favourite Formula 1 races Live! However, there may be hope left. An e-petition has been set-up in order to try to get the British Government to protect the sport. Under this law a protected sport must be shown on free-to-air TV if the sport meets certain guidelines. If this petition gains enough attention then the Government will have to act on it. Whether or not they’ll decide to change anything is another matter but small steps at first!