A Couple of Early Christmas Presents

A Couple of Early Christmas Presents

14 November 2015

You may think that December is all about crackers and turkey, but not at TeamSport. Oh no, the only thing we want from Santa this Christmas is a new track, and he has delivered in duplicate: Yes, not one but two new tracks. Oh thank you Santa. 

So if you live anywhere near Liverpool or Nottingham, Christmas truly has come early for you, as the doors of two stonking new venues are due to open in December.

So let’s start with Nottingham… 

Our professionals are busy laying track, installing state of the art facilities and gathering all the right ingredients to make this karting venue our best yet. If you’re anything like me, then you just want to know what the karts are like - so karters, they are brand new, 200cc track-eaters that will give you goosebumps – the kind you can expect from a truly exhilarating ride.

A stone’s throw from Victoria Retail Park, to say that this venue will breathe life into Nottingham is an understatement – I can imagine this being the hot spot for parties, Christmas dos and evenings full of sheer racing pleasure. I am absolutely dying to take my rightful place on the leaderboard, so care to join me?

Let’s not forget Liverpool…

Packed to the gunnels with flyovers and multi-levels, this awesome new track is going to put karting on the Liverpudlian map. It is due to open in December as well and would be the perfect venue for your Christmas party, or the place to take your mates for a good old head to head.

Work is underway on this karting utopia, located near Liverpool One and Sefton Street Station, and things are really taking shape. I for one can’t wait to get on the grid and put this 850m to the test as I hear the potential lap time is going to be astounding. That’s the kind of news I like to hear. 

So we have two unbelievable new tracks to add to TeamSport’s collection of awesome venues and these are stuffed with way more juicy stuff than your Christmas turkey, so if you are up for a new challenge in 2015 or into the New Year, then grab your mates, grab your racing nerve and get to the track. Liverpool and Nottingham; you are in for an absolute treat.

See you at the new tracks karters.