15 Unique and Creative Team Building Activities

27 October 2021

15 Unique and Creative Team Building Activities

Looking to bring your team closer together? While the idea of ‘team building’ often makes employees roll their eyes, there are several unique and creative corporate event ideas that can be exactly what your people won’t want to miss. From improving communication between team members, to simply having a laugh together, team building activities can strengthen the bond between employees and give them a corporate event to remember. Here are 15 entertainment ideas for corporate events that will be memorable and raved about by your employees.

Cooking class:

Perhaps some of your team members are avid cooks outside of work, while others prefer their quick microwave meals. Whatever your level of expertise, a cooking class is a great way to bond as a team and dip your toes into something new. You can take your pick of the cuisine you’d prefer to master, from Thai to Italian, and learn a new skill to impress family and friends.

Sporting event:

Sports are a great way to boost team morale through collaboration. Even if not all of your employees are the sporty type, you can keep things lighthearted while offering some competitiveness between team members. After all, it’s the taking part that counts! With most organisations relying on teamwork, a sporting event can improve how employees communicate with each other and also improve leadership skills, all while letting your hair down.

Go Karting:

If you’re looking for a team building activity that will get adrenaline pumping and offer a sense of achievement at the finish line, there’s no better choice than go karting. Leave any work-related stress at the office door and immerse yourself in the buzz and excitement of go karting with your colleagues. Go karting is the perfect way to bond as a team and enjoy a laugh together, whether you’re an expert behind the wheel or it’s your first time. You can forget all about next week’s board meeting and focus on the important thing - whose time is going to make it onto the leader board! Virtual trivia Virtual trivia quizzes are a great team-building activity that can bring out your competitive side, without needing to leave the house. Trivia can help everyone take a break after a hectic workday while enhancing your team’s collaboration and problem-solving skills. There’s nothing more satisfying than guessing an answer
correctly, right? Trivia is also an inclusive activity - by hosting the quiz virtually, you can get remote workers involved too. Karaoke club Karaoke is a great way to boost morale and harness creativity as a team. While singing in front of a crowd may not be for everyone, a drink or two will loosen those nerves and get everyone grabbing the mic! You’ll be in for a lot of laughter as team members try and out-do each other with their singing talent (or lack of!) Karaoke can be a great way to improve confidence among the team and strengthen colleague relationships.

Putt club:

Looking for a new type of crazy golf you’ve never experienced before? Putt Club Crazy Golf is the perfect place to host a team building event. It offers the ultimate, unique golfing experience which can bring your colleagues closer together, with a bit of competition mixed in! Think motorsports mixed with crazy golf - a way to have a laugh together, mix with colleagues you don’t usually interact with and put your putting skills to the test.

Virtual party games:

Some team members may work remotely, or others may have out of work commitments meaning they can’t attend an in-person event. To get everyone together in one place, virtual party games are the perfect solution to keep employees connected. Following on from the pandemic, the choice of virtual party games are endless. Perhaps you’re looking for a fun ice breaker before you crack open a beer over Zoom. Or you’re looking to test your team’s problem-solving skills with a virtual escape room. Whatever your preferences, virtual party games are a way to get the team together wherever they are in the world.

Virtual horse racing:

Virtual horse racing really is the closest you can get to the real thing. Your team’s night at the races will have all of the excitement and buzz, from the comfort of their home! Watch your team members go head-to-head to ultimately win the most money. Virtual horse racing is a great activity to strengthen employee relationships, bring out their competitive spirit and try something new.

Virtual bingo:

Virtual bingo can be a great way to get creative and is perfect for remote workers. You can choose between a classic bingo, or tailor it to your colleagues. You’ll start with a virtual bingo board, with either numbers or happenings on it. You could either make your own bingo board, or find one online to get you started. To make the game more personal to your colleagues, why not include actions in your bingo that are personal to your employees? Ideas include ‘had a meeting interrupted by a family member’ or ‘am I on mute?’