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Winner of Family Smartbox Experience: Chris Brookshaw


Winner of Family Smartbox Experience: Chris Brookshaw

Chris Brookshaw is presented with his Smartbox prize.

The lucky winner of Team-Sport’s Kart-Champs Lottery prize;

a Family Smartbox Experience Day, is presented to Chris Brookshaw after he has a blitz round the track.

Once again many congratulations to him for winning, I hope he thoroughly enjoys his day.

If you haven’t won yet; don’t worry, we hold a weekly prize lottery for all our contestants who compete in Kart-Champs so there’s still a chance that it could be you next time. Three lucky people will be in with a chance of winning this weeks prizes which will include a pair of tickets to the Classic Motorshow, an Open-timed run session and a Cap each. So get your laps in, it would be a crime to miss out on these prizes.

If you haven’t set any lap times yet it’s really easy; after any session you can hand in your best lap time to be entered into Kart-Champs, this will automatically qualify you for a chance of winning the lottery prize.

For all you subscribers out there, there’s a great offer on this week just for you, don’t forget to sign up at the top of the page so you can also receive these offers every week.

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