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The king of Rock and Roll Races in the Very First McLaren


The king of Rock and Roll Races in the Very First McLaren

Elvis Presley took a seat in the gold McLaren in the film Spinout

McLaren was formed in 1966 by New Zealander Bruce McLaren and shortly after had it’s very first car appear on the movie Spinout

, staring Elvis Presley. You can check out the video below and see the car in action around an oval dirt track. Racing was a very different beast back then and the sounds coming from those cars just sends shivers down your spine.

The McLaren portrayed is shown to clearly be a desirable drive and even provokes the line “Boy, that car is something else” from the one and only king of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. The model of the car was the Elva M1A group 7 car, a pure classic.

Needless to say the car outfit has progressed a lot from this time in history and as we all know is currently fighting with Red Bull in F1 to show who is top dog.

I don’t know about you but I’d give my left arm to be able drive in that beautiful car and hear that engine noise rip through the air with the sound that only a high quality car could!

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