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MotoGP champion Marquez, the next F1 star?

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MotoGP champion Marquez, the next F1 star?

After a recent meeting with Fernando Alonso, Marc Marquez has shown interest in joining Formula 1. Marquez admitted that “someday” in the future he would like to give F1 a go if he is given the chance.

On meeting Alonso, Marquez commented, “It was so nice to speak to a Formula 1 driver”. He went on to say that they had discussed Formula 1 and had the same opinion that, “If you have a good car, you can do well and if you have the worst car, it is impossible.”

The 21-year-old Moto GP world title Champion stayed loyal to his current sponsor Red Bull when asked what car he would like to test. However, on finding out that Honda would be returning to F1 as McLaren's engine supplier in 2015 he quickly said that he’d like to try the McLaren car as well!

In terms of F1 it’s likely that, due to Marquez’s recent success in Moto GP, he could find success in F1 if he took to the right car. Valentino Rossi, a six time Moto GP Champion, tested for Ferrari back in 2006 and finished his final day half a second off the pace of Michael Schumacher, which fuelled rumours that he may one day make the switch. Marquez met with Alonso in Mugello ahead of the Italian GP and admitted he’d like to follow in Rossi’s footsteps.

Marquez has recently signed an extension with Honda until 2016 but it’s fair to say that we may see a switch, or at least testing, after his contract has expired. However, it could be said that, similar to Rossi, we may see this switch fall at the testing stage.

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