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Lottery Winner Presented with Festival of Speed 2011 Tickets


Lottery Winner Presented with Festival of Speed 2011 Tickets

Ryan Stevens picks up his prize for the Kart-Champs Lottery

The very lucky individual known as Ryan Stevens was fortunate enough

to not only have landed himself the fantastic prize of a pair of Goodwood Festival of Speed 2011 tickets but more importantly, to meet me. Needless to say a ticket is worth a finite amount, the pleasure of having it presented by me makes it priceless.

None the less, many congratulations for Ryan, I hope he enjoys the Festival next year I’m sure you’ll have a great time.

The tickets were presented to Ryan at Team-Sports Cardiff track after he was successfully picked in the Kart-Champs Lottery.

If you are wondering what all this is about then let me fill you in. Over the past few weeks Team-Sport have been giving away some top notch prizes to individuals who have submitted a lap time to the Team-Sport Kart-Champs Championship. By doing so they are eligible to be picked in the Lottery which has some superb prizes each week.

So to recap, head on down to any one of Team-Sports eight amazing Karting tracks, get in some great laps and submit your time after your session. It doesn’t matter whether you are a speed demon and blitz the track faster than anyone else or feel like a leisurely Sunday drive round the circuit, everyone gets entered.

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